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Saturday, April 3, 2010

First post celebrates life in a living Savior!

If I could find our Resurrection celebration wall-hanging I'd show you a picture of it, but since it's in the "still waiting to be sorted" piles in the basement, I can't. Instead, I'll describe some of it to you in hopes that you might be inspired to do something like it. We used 12 eight to nine inch squares of sheet fabric to make the 12 blocks that correspond with our "Easter advent eggs." So as we open each egg on the 11 days preceding Resurrection day and read the corresponding Scripture, we also admire the block painted by each of the children. For instance, one day we read about Jesus being annointed with oil by Mary, so out from the egg comes a tiny doll's vial to remind us of the oil of spikenard that Mary poured on Jesus' feet. We also notice the painting one of the children did a few years ago on the fabric with regular tole paints of the bottle of oil. Other topics/paintings include the triumphal entry, fruitful grain, footwashing, thirty pieces of silver, the crucifixion and burial, and, of course, the celebration of the empty tomb and His resurrection.

I must confess to being kind of laxidazical (is that how you spell that old word?) in getting into the whole spirit of Easter/Resurrection this year and I'm ashamed of myself. After all, if it weren't for the resurrection, "we of all men are most to be pitied." It should probably be more celebrated even than Christ's birth. So, I was greatly encouraged and inspired when a sister from church shared what she'd read of Nancy Wilson's blog "feminagirls.com" (or something like that) about how they were preparing to celebrate the resurection and I got going a little better. So, the menu perked up some and after heading to the grocery store, I've got quite the goodie list worked up for the afternoon and evening.

You see, our church body (all seven families of us) join in a fast on Saturday, actually beginning just after we partake of the Lord's Supper during our Good Friday evening worship service. Then we gather early on Sunday morning (7:30) for a big breakfast of eggs and pancakes prepared by our two elders, supplemented with cinnamon rolls, breads, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, fruit, etc. supplied by the rest of us. Then after the celebration of worship and again feasting with our risen Savior around the communion table, we will have a big dinner at home, having invited my dear aunt who lives nearby, but worships at a different church. Having fasted on Saturday, we're all very eager for the feasting on Sunday. Isn't that how it should be to remind us of the emptiness that the disciples felt only to be again filled by realizing that Jesus was alive and that the hope of the resurrection had just been fulfilled!

Because of the Resurrection, I wannabegodly!

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