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Friday, April 16, 2010

Girls' Day Out

What a fun day the girls and I had yesterday. I guess we were celebrating that the taxes were all done, though not even by us. It started out with a "field trip" to a nearby crisis pregancy center/women's center. After an informative talk on how they help teach new moms to care for their babies as well as provide clothing and food for them and counseling, we were able to present some hats, booties, a quilt and diaper bag that our family had made as well as things that the other families had made, too. We discovered ways that we can volunteer and help out, too.

Then we got a pleasant surprise in finding out that our friends had packed a picnic lunch, too, so we all trekked on down to a park by the river and enjoyed the first picnic of the season (and nobody fell into the river!) Then it was off to the thrift store where we found some cute dresses for the 5-year-old Peanut as well as a darling snowman teapot with creamer and sugar bowl attached. Then came the part we'd been waiting forever for good weather to do - explore the old downtown shops. There's an interesting eclectic bookstore, in which we found a Jan Brett book as well as an experiment (I'll have to tell you if it's worth the time to read). We explored a antique store in which 14-year-old Precious found a teapot bedecked with roses that she loved. It was on sale for only about $8.00, so I bought it for her. A paint-your-own pottery store was tempting, but I might save that for a summer fun trip or take them to an actual ceramic shop where they can start with greenware. I think several of them thought the second antique shop was the highlight of the day as they had a blast trying on all the antique hats in the place.

To close off the day, we stopped at a favorite greenhouse/nursery and discovered that not only was the owner a bastion of plant information, but he's also interested in some other interests of our family, so we had a lively and interesting discussion, bought some raspberry bushes, rhubarb plant and some lettuce seeds & strawberry starts to get a jump on our spring planting. Now we have to get the garden beds all ready for planting.
Because of so many blessings, I

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