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Friday, June 4, 2010

Tea With a Twist book review

I'm thinking that Fridays will be book review day wherein I post about a book we've recently enjoyed.  You can scroll down to the Amazon link-up at the bottom of this page to go directly there if any of these books interest you.  I love to read, especially family read-alouds, so I have lots of fun, beautiful, inspiring books to recommend.

The first will be this beauty - Tea With a Twist by Lisa Boalt Richardson.
(I'm sorry for the blurry picture, but we're having camera issues over here.)

This book is such a beautiful book and has lots of interesting ideas and photos of those ideas.  Just the introduction has directions for making both hot and iced tea as well as a recipe for basic sweet scones.  I like her stress-free approach to having a fun time with your guests.  "Presentation is not always everything. If you don't have all the accessories to make it look smashing, have a tea party anyway. Your friends will love getting together."

The next chapters are ideas for eight different tea parties.  They include Flower Power Tea, Bubble Tea, Tropical Tea, Mexican Fiesta, Southern Tailgate, All About Chocolate and Indian Chai High Tea.  Not only does she give recipes, but she also includes tea information and history as well as decorating ideas.  The photography alone is tantalizing eye candy.  

You'll definitely want to enjoy this book and display it on your coffee table. 

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