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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Teaching homemaking

Is it hard to teach our daughters to be homemakers? 

Sometimes yes.  If I am neglectful of my own duties and am not a good example, than it's hard for them to catch on.  If I don't show joy in serving Jesus within my own calling, they catch the attitude that homemaking is drudgery.  If I get impatient with their sloppiness, they aren't encouraged to be clean and neat.  All of this makes my own job of teaching them much harder.  In a sense, I can be my own worst enemy.

Sometimes no.  Today was a wonderful day of teaching homemaking by fun and example.  I was really pleasantly surprised at how many times the girls said they were so happy, or they were having such a good day, or they were "ecstatic".  What were we doing that was so fun?

Picking strawberries!  86 quarts of them!  (That was the easy part.  Processing them was not so easy.)  We made 8 jars of jam, 4 cups of freezer jam, 1 pie and froze about 40 quarts so far.  Now we're just too bushed to keep on, so we plan to do some more freezing tomorrow.
I think next time we won't do so much in one day, but it only took us about one and a half hours to pick all those, so we just kept at it!
So, I'm thankful for the good attitudes, the hearts to work and the bounty of sweet nutritious strawberries!

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