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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Workboxing - the beginning

I haven't posted in awhile because it's been very busy in our neck of the woods.  I've spent quite a bit of time researching and finally beginning to implement some of the ideas I've found on "workboxes" - a great way to organize and use the education materials that we accumulate but don't always get to.  So last week I worked on planning out how this great idea would best work in our home.  We'll give it a trial run with the minimal amount of studying we do over the summer and hopefully will have the kinks worked out by fall.

Here's the "rough draft" set-up in progress.  The Peanut Pixie Face and Roo will be using the cereal boxes (which I plan to cover in fabric - I love fabric!- after I see if it's going to work) and the three older girls will be using the portable file boxes since they like to carry their work up to their bedrooms.

Some of the ideas of things to put in their boxes/files include their regular workbooks like math and spelling as well as puzzles, file folder games, flashcards, piano and other instrument books, surprises like a piece of chocolate (always a hit in a house of mostly girls!), 3x5 cards that give them instructions for something out of the ordinary, ie. baking, going on a field trip, surprise visit from their granny (hint, hint), etc.

I'll post more on this as we get it going and show more of our ideas to go in the boxes.

The planning is simplified by a handy planning sheet shared by http://www.heartofwisdom.com/ .  She's got a lot of information and ideas there as do http://www.sunflowerschoolhouse.com/ and http://www.ideas4theworkbox.blogspot.com/ .  Of course, the originator and finetuner of the whole system is Sue Patrick in her book Workbox System User's Guide.

The advantages of workboxes is that everything is laid out and found ahead of time so that during "schooltime" we're not running here and there for our supplies.  It also gives the children an idea of what still needs to be accomplished till they're free to do other things.  So, we'll start out with our "together" activities like Bible and Discipleship reading, housekeeping chores, unit studies and then turn everybody loose with their workboxes.  I'm hoping and praying that this system will be a good tool to help us be more orderly.

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