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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Homemaking - Cowgirl Style!

When most people think of homemakers, especially of the homeschooling variety, I don't think they think of cowgirls.  But that's what we got to be today!  It kind of reminded me of the Scripture that says "all we like sheep have gone astray" only we had cattle instead of sheep.  I'm told that sheep are even more difficult to herd and bring back into the fence/fold.
Since our fence was lengthened to include more of the pasture, the electricity has been rather weak and the fence hardly gives us a poke, much less give any to big, hairy cattle.  So, this morning they took off across the neighbor's hayfield, down to the creek on the other side.  Never mind that they had plenty of water in their stock tank and that they had plenty of green grass.  Thankfully the neighbors field had recently been mowed and baled, so we didn't ruin any of their hay.
After we got them out of their field and chased them out of our swamp also, we scared them back into the pasture and went off to finish breakfast.  It wasn't long till we discovered they were out again.  We found them down at another neighbor's weekend trailer, making hoofprints in their very wet, soft yard.  Using the minivan helped herd them back to our hedgerow where they happily munched on the tall grass till Lovey came home midday to help solve the problem by making changes to the fencing.
Since there are six beasties and they don't always stick together, although mostly they did, and they had really wandered quite a way, it took us quite awhile to get them back and we really got our exercise running ahead of them to head them in the right direction!  So we're skinny now. 
As I was giving thanks that they hadn't gotten into our garden, The Peanut Pixie-face informed me that it was because she had stood guard by it and "looked intimidating."

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  1. We have Scottish Highlands too and our newest one went through the fence, eluding us for several days until she turned up in a neighbors field a half mile down the road. It took us two weeks to corral her and get her moved home! We sure enjoy them though.


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