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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Personal devotion workboxes

As part of the conversion to workboxes to organize our studies, yesterday I set up little carrier containers for each of our personal devotions, quiet times or whatever you prefer to call your Bible reading and prayer time.
I found the little carriers at Family Dollar for $1 each.  With each person's name on their carrier as well as stickers if they so choose, each one has a nice sized section for a small Bible and notecards (often the Lord gives me an idea of someone who needs an encouraging note), as well as a small section for a prayer reminder card or notebook or color-coded cards (I'm leaving that decision up to each girl). 
The medium-sized section is for Scripture memory cards made by typing them up in two columns, printing on colored cardstock and cheaply "laminated" with clear Contact paper.  I looked all over Walmart for rings for the memory cards, but ended up getting those clip things that campers and rock-climbers use.  They were $1.88 for two in the camping gear.  I was afraid that they'd be a little fat for my hole punch, but they are just right!  Roo decided to decorate her cards with some stickers.

With these nifty little helps, I hope we'll be more faithful in our pursuit of godliness.  During these glorious summer mornings, the girls enjoyed having their devotions outside this morning.

Trying to grow in Christ and orderliness, I

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