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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

50 Days to Love Your Lover

This is going to just be a quick post to call for help and ideas because FREE blueberries are still calling, so I have to much time (more on that later). 

Here's why I need ideas:  Last Friday my darling husband turned 50 years old, and to celebrate I, somewhat belatedly, came up with the idea of doing a 50 Days to Love Your Lover.  The plan is to do something special for him for 50 days, having started on Friday with going out for dinner and a movie.  On Saturday, we had the cake and ice cream and gifts and then at Sunday breakfast I gave him a note that said I'd give him a backrub lasting at least 20 minutes.  On Monday, I slipped him a little dark chocolate candy; on Tuesday I gave him a little gift I'd found at a yard sale.  Tonight I plan to slip this silly moustache cup in at his place at the table.  It was a yard sale find, too, with nothing on it so I wrote his nickname on it.
The little sticker is just an address label I printed up that says "50 Days to Love Your Lover" which I've been putting on all the little gifts or notes.

Tomorrow's plan is to give him a game (also a yard sale find) and then Friday evening we've invited over a group of men and young men from church to have a men's game night with sloppy joes, but don't tell him because it's a surprise.  He doesn't usually read this, so I think I'm safe. :)  I also have plans like meeting in the back yard for some quiet time together, taking him out for a Coke by the river, "Something About You for Which I'm Thankful" notes in his lunch and more yard sale find gifts, I hope.  So, any ideas you can send my way would be wonderful!

Because I'm thankful to have a loving, faithful husband, I


  1. I'm actually doing a "10 Things" challenge over on my blog. Not a whole lot of participation, but maybe you'd be interested? :)


  2. I just noticed an "oops" at the beginning. It's supposed to say "...so I DON'T have TOO much time." See, I'm just rushing in too many directions today. :)

  3. How about a note on the mirror in the bathroom that he would see while getting ready in the morning. I recently too a picture frame we had that holds three photos and inserted cardstock instead saying "Hello!" "Good morning!" "I love you!" and my husband came into our room with a huge smile on his face.

    You could also do things like cook his favorite meal. Have a movie night with his favorite movie. Or how about a "retro" date with burgers, fries, and a shared milkshake?

  4. I follow a blog that used to do a weekly post entitled To Love Their Husbands Tuesday in which everyone linked up to share how they are loving their husbands that particular week


    Maybe you could get some ideas from there.

    I have done things like preparing his favorite meal, rubbing lotion on his feet in the evening while he unwinds, make his favorite desert...I too am limited on ideas.


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