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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Quilt project finished and revealed

I can finally post about a special project I've had over this summer since it has been gifted to my son who might have read about it on here.

We kind of have a tradition in our church of giving a signed quilt to people who are moving away so they can be reminded of our love for them even while they are away.  So, since our son The Guinea Pig is off to college tomorrow, I made sure that he got one also.  Since I'm the chief quiltmaker in church, I get to make sure that's done.  So, here it is.

We unveiled it at our church "send-off" Sunday evening and he was very thankful for it.  I was so blessed that he loved it and I was tickled that it got all done before he got home.  So it's been in hiding till Sunday.

My local quilter from Quilt Something quilted it up quickly for me in exchange for some hand-quilting that she needed done, so I was very thankful for that chance to barter.  (And I don't have to get my part done till October, which is nice because it's kinda hot for having a quilt across my lap for quilting.)

I'm also thankful because the green fabric came from the freebie table at our quilt guild meeting.  There was also some maroon fabric, but it turned out to not be enough, but was useful in getting my mind to thinking of those colors together.  So I went searching at another local quilt shop (we're much blessed around here) and found some Thimbleberries fabric on 50% sale!  I am thanking the Lord for the little, yet big ways in which He blesses us.

The send-off party was a nice time of fellowship, food, volleyball, tetherball, water fights and words of wisdom from the men and young men of the church. 

It's good to have a church like Christ the King Church of Ferry, Michigan, which supports and helps our efforts in raising our children for the Lord, rather than us having to "unteach" our children after church.  Because of our many blessings, I


  1. What a beautiful quilt-I love the colours and patterns you put together! You are very gifted. I hope to make such quilts one day myself - for now I just admire the work of others and buy the occasional one I find at the thrift stores :-)
    Your son is so blessed to have this lovely tangible reminder of home while he's at college.
    And thanks for leaving your kind comment on my blog.I appreciate your encouraging words. God bless..
    Trish from 'Angel Wings and Apron Strings'.

  2. What a special gift for your son! Congratulations on the successes thus far and many more as he continues in college. (What a wonderful, wonderful keepsake from your church family, for all those that have moved away!)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (I have to get going to work, but thought I would pick a post to visit one more time before I go :o)
    My dad's family are all from Wisconsin, with one of his sisters in Traverse City, Michigan :o)


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