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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yard Sale Find!

I have got to show you my find!  It was at a yard sale that was less than pristine, but we scrounged through it anyhow, knowing that we had hand sanitizer in the car.  I saw a table topped, just a quilt top, not quilted and was admiring it, wondering if I wanted to remove all the knick-knacks that were covering it when the woman said she had another like it.  Folded on a chair was a whole quilt top that's about queen size.  And it's the Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern, one of my favorites!  And it's hand-pieced!
She was asking $20.00 for it and I easily talked her down to $15.00!  I'm rather excited about that.  It smelled awfully of cigarette smoke and mustiness, so I washed it with Shaklee's Basic G and now it smells rather nice. 
It's rather interesting in that it looks like someone tried to finish it later with a sewing machine, adding some more to the side which doesn't follow the pattern exactly.  So, I may take that part out and just make it a little narrower, using those blocks for something else.

Now I have to decide what I'm going to do with it.  Should I keep it?  (Would love to, but sure could use any money earned from it.)  Should I hand quilt it and sell it in an still-to-be-set-up Etsy store?  Should I sell it as is on ebay or Etsy?  I hope to take it to quilt guild meeting since there's a lady there who is an expert on dating fabrics and she might be able to tell me it's age and value.
Right now, though, I have to get off to pick more FREE blueberries.
Because of His many blessings, I


  1. What a great find!! I am making my own hexagon quilt...... and I do believe it will take me a lifetime to make it, but anyway...
    I'm also passionate about homemaking and homeschooling - looks like we have a lot in common :)

  2. I'd love to have you join! It is never too late to join and we start again the next month, so that gives you more motivation and another chance to win a little something :)
    You have till the end of the month to complete a project to be in that month's drawing - and it can be something small or large. The main thing is to get things done :)
    I need to go work on a bag..... I want to finish that today :)
    Thanks for visiting and lovely to have you join the party!

    PS Please let me know when you have finished something. You can blog about it or send me photos and I will blog about it, or both :)


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