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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Easing into our studies

This past week we eased into some of our studies again.  More easing than I had hoped, but we found some other things that REALLY needed doing, so we did them.  For instance, the goal of having each child do a "Book of the Centuries" (timeline-type notebook) is finally coming about, after years of thinking about doing it.  So this last week I scrounged up notebooks (I buy them at yard sales and thrift stores), printed off pages from http://guesthollow.com/homeschool/printables/timeline/timeline.html. tweaked the pages a little and then set off with my copy of Usshur's Annals of the World to decide what the girls should have in their books.  That's rather time-consuming, though interesting to a history nut.  Peanut Pixie-face joined me for part of that and pasted drawings of Adam and Eve, Noah, the tower of Babel, etc. into her book till she was ready to move on to something more active. So that project has been laid out on a table in the dining room as well as at one end of the dining table.

The rest of the dining table has been covered in patterns and pattern pieces that were not properly put away, so they had to be sorted and put away.  Precious got that job since she's the one most interested in sewing (and is partially to blame for the mess).  That resulted in several things:  the dining room table being unusable (it's a good thing we have TV trays for meals, if necessary), the patterns slowly getting organized, some patterns being deemed unnecessary, and inspiring Precious to get back into sewing.  She now has a new blouse almost completed made from some of my overflowing fabric stash.  When she'd need a break from the sorting, she'd go up to her machine and sew awhile.  It also inspired her to do some of her mending. 

Meanwhile, Sweetie made up some chicken soup and blueberry muffins to freeze for our lunches on "school" days so we don't have to take a real long lunch break.  We still have about four more lunch ideas to get made.

We also got to help clean the building in which our church meets and had a good time socializing and gasping at the dirt and mold found therein.  We start with our church fall schedule of having meals there every other Sunday and I'll feel much better knowing that it's cleaned up for that.

So, though we didn't get much more than math done in the academic area, we've not been wasting time, by any means.  And, as we homeschoolers are fond of saying, "You're always learning, no matter what you're doing."

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