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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Look at what I get to play with!

You may remember that in July I made a signature quilt for The Guinea Pig as he was going off to college. I was blessed when the machine quilting lady offered to barter the work - she'd do the machine quilting (and she threw in the batting and backing) in exchange for me doing some handquilting that she'd had to do for a customer.  She said the handquilting didn't have to be done till about October, so I was extra happy. 

Since it's been a mighty hot summer for Michigan, I put off doing the quilting till it cooled off some.  It's stifling to have a heavy quilt laying across your lap while you're working on it.  But now I'm getting fully into the quilting of this queen sized beautiful Double Irish Chain.

The quilt was purchased at an estate sale, only partially quilted.  So I got to make a template of the border quilting and am using that to finish quilting the maroon border area, which was about 1/3 done.  I don't know if you can see it very well, but the quilting in the the large white areas looks somewhat Celtic which would go well with the Irish Chain.  The previous quilter had put a lot of detail into her quilting, but her stitches were a little on the big and uneven side.  It's fun to see how other people do things.

When I get this one done (which should be in just a few days), I can start quilting the pretty cat quilt that Princess put together.  I'll show that later.  Now it's time to get ready for a birthday tea for the "Grandma" of our church.

So many blessings make me

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