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Thursday, October 14, 2010

First Handsewing/quilting Project

What do you do when your six-year-old has trouble telling her right hand from her left?  How about if this causes trouble during her piano practice?  And how do you help her get comfortable with needle and thread? 
Well, besides painting The Peanut's fingernails red on the right hand and blue on the left hand and color coordinating her piano music to match with red and blue pencils, here's how we're working on both challenges and having a fun project, too!

She enjoyed sticking her hands in the paints and putting them on old sheet fabric.  Then with a special quilter's disappearing ink pen (the ink disappears in water), I wrote LEFT and RIGHT for her to embroider with a simple back-stitch.  Then I made dashed outlines of the hands with about 1/2 inch long dashes for her to quilt the batting and backing onto the panel.  She has now finished all the stitching and we're going to work on putting a binding around it, label the back (a must with all good quilters) and hang it above the piano. 
She's excited about getting it done and with the possibility that we might enter it in the fair next summer!

On another note, today is my nephew's birthday, so we wish him a very happy day, though his day is about over since he's on the other side of the world as a missionary kid in the Philippines.
Again rejoicing in God's blessings, I

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