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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Business of Bartering

I finally figured out how to add an Etsy store button to my sidebar, so if you're interested in some of the crafts we do around here, but don't care to make them yourself, you can check them out in our store (LilacCottageCreation).  Today I added another tea cozy.
These are so simple to make and I'll post a tutorial (or at least simple instructions) if there is an interest.

I've also gotten to make a good start on the quilt that we're bartering for voice lessons for two of the girls.

I'm so glad the voice teacher likes the bright colors that have been calling to me lately so I get to enjoy working with them.  They honestly make me smile.

It has been such a blessing to me and the rest of the fabric that we've been able to barter for some services.  Our relationship with the piano teacher also first began through a hand-quilting job she needed done.  As I told in a previous post, I was able to barter machine quilting for a hand-quilting job and now I get to trade a quilt for voice lessons.  If you have a skill or interest or commodity, consider trying to barter with it.  It doesn' hurt to try.  I'd love to hear any barter stories people have to share - I could use more ideas!

Because God has blessed us so richly, I

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  1. great post. I barter my home canned jam for fresh eggs,plums,apples,oranges and lemons with friends. I love the fruit and eggs they love the jam! We are also bartering with a friend to teach piano theory to my son in return my son will do yard work for her father. I think it nice!!! Blessings, Mica/The Child's Paper


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