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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Reformation Day celebrations

With all the studying and preparing food and sewing dresses and frustrating antique computer, I've not blogged in quite a while, but I want to share some of the fun and blessings of our church's Reformation Day celebrations.  Since Reformation Day (Oct. 31) was on a Sunday this year, we decided to make the celebrations extend over the whole weekend.

Friday night was a square dance with many of the particpants being dressed in medieval-type costume.  Precious had spent much time sewing dresses, hats and/or capes for our girls.  Her own dress was made from a set of queen size satin sheets found at a yard sale for $2.00!  And a little boughten fabric and trim (on sale, of course).

The dress she made for Sweetie was also a sheet given to us by Aunt Barb; the vest made from a sheet and fabric piece from a thrift store and the overskirt was from an old dress-up dress we had for childrens' play.  I love repurposing!

The blue fabric for these outfits also came from a yard sale (16 yards for $5.00).  Pixie Face's dress was made last year, as was the matching one I wore this year and the Roo's white dress was a thrift store find.

Princess' dress was a hand-me-down from some friends.

Saturday was games, potluck and bonfire at our house.  After a delightful time of worship on Sunday, we had a shared meal and then a pie contest!  That was a delicious time!  And Princess got Honorable Mention for her mixed berry pie.  It was wonderfully tasty.

Again we're rejoicing, in the truth of the Reformation and in the joy of celebrating it.  So I

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  1. How awesome are those costumes! This was our first year to celebrate the Reformation and we had a great conference at our church. Love the idea of dressing up to set the mood. : )


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