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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Advent Activities - Days 16 - 19 plus some quilting

Again, while I haven't kept up with posting the Advent activity cards, we have pretty much kept up with the doing of them here at our house. Here are days 16 - 19:

Day #___Jesus is Immanuel.

Matt. 1:23

Activity: Imagine! God is with us! Think about what Jesus left in heaven for our sake. Think about the honor He gave up to become a frail and helpless baby. What about the riches He left to be born in a not so lovely stable? How about the unbroken unity and fellowship with His Father which was totally broken as He hung on the cross. But He was willing to live among us and to sacrifice for us because He loves us so!

Today we watch the movie “Herod the Great, Jesus the King - The True Christmas Story” by Ray Vander Laan.

Day #___Jesus is a Servant.
Isaiah 49:3; John 13:3-15

Activity: The King of the Universe humbled Himself to the point of washing dirty, dusty feet of those who should have been humble enough to do that job for Him. How about us? Are we humble and willing to do things for our family and others that may not be very pleasant things to have to do? The best route to godliness and spiritual growth (which I hope is our greatest goal) is to imitate our Master. Let’s be joyful and willing servants.

Today we’ll paint our little nativities. (These are simple, tiny ceramic nativities that I clear-glazed so that they can be washed and repainted every year.)

Day #___Jesus is the Lamb of God.
John 1: 29

Activity: In the Old Testament, we learn that a lamb was often sacrificed for the sins of mankind. The Passover lamb had to be one that was perfect - no spots or bad health. The sacrificing of a lamb was to illustrate that the wages or payment for sin is death. The lamb died for the people. Jesus came as a perfect lamb who once and for all fulfilled the requirement of death for sin. His death was our death if we acknowledge Him as our substitute, Savior and Lord.

We’ll bake our Sour Cream cookies with our lamb cookie cutter as well as make Sour Cream and Chocolate Pinwheels.

Day #___ Jesus is our Redeemer and Savior. Philippians 2:5-11

This baby born in a manger later grew up to die on a tree. Through His death and His forever conquering of death because He rose again from the dead, we are redeemed, or bought back, from the power of sin and death. He carried all our ugly sinfulness on that tree and left its power forever buried when He came back to life. We are saved from being slaves to sin as well as from the eternal punishment for sin. Oh, how thankfully we should live!

Let’s get our tree and decorate it today. (As I said before, we saved this activity for so late because we had to wait for the Guinea Pig to get home from college. It just wouldn't have been the same without him.)

I had hoped to show you a lap quilt I've been working on, but our very slow computer + dial-up wouldn't cooperate, so I'll have to show it later.

I hope your Christmas season has been a time of understanding what a gift God has given us, though actually it is quite beyond our understanding.


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