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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Advent Activities - Days 3, 4 & 5

Well, I guess I knew I'd have trouble keeping up with posting an Advent activity every day, so I'm playing catch-up now. It's been busy with voice recital and working on the voice teacher's quilt as well as our own Christmas preparations and then running a fever with an awful headache for a couple of days. But, hopefully that's done with!

So, here's the Advent card for Day 3 (tucked into Romans 6):
God gives us the gift of eternal life.  Romans 6:23
Activity: Since we're so blessed with the gift of eternal life, let's share the joy by writing our Christmas letter to our family and friends. You may pick you own photo to go with it (with Mom's final approval).
*(We let each of the children write or dictate a paragraph - or page if you're the resident wordy one. That may be changing as some are getting tired of doing this.)*

The Advent card for Day 4 (tucked into Ephesians 2) says:
 God gives us the gift of faith.  Ephesians 2:8-10
Activity: Since we have been given this precious gift, by which we are saved from sin, we want to share the faith with others. We can get a start at that by making good relationships with people.  Today's activity is to make gift bags to take to our neightbors and to the librarians and health care helpers. Also prepare for tomorrow's gift-giving to church members.

The Advent card for Day 5 - today - (tucked into Ephesians 4) says:

God gives us the gift of grace and spiritual gifts.  Ephesians 4:7-16
Activity: Even as we are to pass along the spiritual gifts God gives us by ministering to our church family, today we will also pass along material gifts to our church family.
*(Since we have only seven families in our church, it's not a monstrous thing to give a gift bag to each family. Last year, we had the fun of having each family over for desserts throughout the Christmas season and gave their gifts then, but this year we're just handing them out at church and may plan to have families over after Christmas when Guinea Pig is home from college. This activity didn't actually work out for today because there was a glitch in our Cinnamon Jelly making, so we have to re-do and hand out the gifts next Sunday.  The best-laid plans...Oh, well, it teaches us flexibility.)*

We're also counting down the days till the Guinea Pig gets home from college. The younger girls made a paper chain to count it down. I wish he could have been home to hear three of his sisters in their first-ever voice recital.  They did great!


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