"We write to taste life twice - once in the moment and in introspection."

Friday, May 21, 2010

Star Wars creature? and cute chicks

I thought you'd like a peek at the future food we have around here now.  This one is a Scottish Highland steer.  Isn't he a funny looking thing?  But don't mess with him!  When he heard that his name is Tinkerbell, he jumped fence and led a merry chase, aimed particularly at the one who named him - The Guinea Pig (I just changed firstborn's nickname from "Staples" to "The Guinea Pig").

The other future food, other than the garden, are much cuter to look at.  As is the little girl holding one.

So, we're getting set for a busy summer.  I'll have to show you the garden another time.

Enjoying the blessings, I

Friday, May 14, 2010


When ones firstborn leaves home to go work as a roughneck in the oilfields and then on to college in the far west, what does one do? 

Pray lots, answer the phone quickly, thank God for the 20 years together, love on the other five, feel the comfort of the "huggy's" hugs and...

...and sew (using Bonnie Hunter's Leaders/enders idea)...
...and paint and redecorate bedrooms...

(this is in actuality more purple than it looks here)

...and love on kittens (we have a total of four).

(sorry it's blurry)

So we're adjusting and trusting and life goes on and I continue to

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dark day at our house

Today marks an end and a beginning in our family life.  It's an end to all eight of us being a whole family and a beginning of Staples' life on his own for the most part.  He's off to Louisiana as of 8:10a.m., planning to sleep in his car tonight somewhere around Memphis and roll into Lafayette, LA tomorrow night to be ready for roughneck training on Monday.

Many tears ongoing throughout this morning, but we're proud of his development and determination to earn his way through college.  And we know he is in the best hands possible - those of his loving Savior, Lord and Father.  And he's getting lots of fodder for upcoming books and stories!

Because God cares for each of us, I

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Great Family Day at the Tigers' Game!

Big changes are happening in our family these days, so a family birthday celebration at the Detroit Tigers game was a great time together. We took off early Saturday morning, had nutmeg breakfast rolls (they were supposed to be cinnamon breakfast rolls, but Sweetie got mixed up)in the car and had a relatively uneventful four-hour trip to Detroit with Staples sitting on the floor or half on one of the middle bucket seats since we had to fit eight of us into a seven-seater minivan. Such a gentleman! The game was perfect - uneventful most of the time, with a few errors and two runs each till the ninth inning when the Tigers got a walk-off homerun and we got to enjoy the homerun fountains spewing up beyond the outfield. The highight for most of the family was getting to do The Wave quite a few times and succeeding in getting it to go clear 'round the stadium four complete times. Toward the end of the game, when we would clap for a nice out or a strike-out The Peanut would ask if the game was over and if we had won. Guess it got a little long for her. Then Pizza Hut and a quick run into Meijer made our trip home not seem soooo long.

So, the big change - our family of eight will basically become a family of seven as Staples heads off to Louisiana next Saturday to begin his summer employment as an oilfield roughneck to earn college money for this fall. Yes, we've heard all about the offshore rig that blew up and, being an "oilfield" trash family, we've heard why it happened, the possibility of the lost men having survived, how they're going to do the clean-up, etc., etc. Lord willing, he'll be back in August to pack up, visit and say good-bye before heading off to New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, ID, whereupon he'll become "The Wizard of ID".

We're thankful for these opportunities and because of God's many blessings and care, I