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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh, my! What's this in my freezer?

You've got to see what's in my freezer, waiting for our church hymn sing this Sunday evening!

Precious got a new cupcake cookbook for her birthday so she was happy to have an excuse to play with it. She spent most the afternoon playing. :) The book is a beautiful book entitled Hello, Cupcake and it's full of fun and beautiful cupcake recipes as well as ways to decorate them. It has ideas for faces, little people sleeping under quilts, a variety of dog breeds, horses and butterflies among other things. It also has several ideas of arrangements of decorated cupcakes so as to present a whole picture of something bigger, like cupcakes arranged to look like an alligator, penguins on a snowy iceberg, spaghetti and meatballs and a TV dinner. If you want to pretend that you're eating healthily, make the Garden Party group of cupcakes which are topped with frosting vegetables. Sunflower cupcakes would help us pretend we're having summer weather or we could face reality and make the snowmen cupcakes. Turkey cupcakes could be a different dessert for Thanksgiving and bowling pins could be served after a fun outing to the bowling alley.

I predict we will be enjoying cupcakes at many a treat-time. Especially since we also got another cupcake cookbook for Princess, but I'll tell you about that one next Friday. I hope you look into this book and enjoy some of the fun with us.


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