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Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm happy to have three finishes to report as well as a start. I've told myself that I have to finish at least two things before I will allow myself to start something new, so I'm obeying my rules well. In fact, I might be kissing up to myself by finishing one more than required.

Well, on to the show:

This is the "compendium quilt" that I made for my aunt for Christmas. My darling husband gave me a gift certificate to rent the long-arm quilting machine at the local quilt shop and I had a blast playing on it and quilting this with a free-form style of rows of bows. I finally got the binding on - also playing with doing it all with machine, something I'm only just starting to learn.

I also finished the binding on this Christmas lap quilt. I had machine quilted it on my own machine since there was no batting to make it fat and unwieldy.

This materials for this skirt have been sitting in my quiltery for a few months, waiting its turn. Well, this weekend became its turn, so I cut off the bottom of the denim and added the plaid ruffles for my plaid-loving daughter. One of the ruffles had been a plain tablerunner; one was from pillowshams I'd picked up at the thrift store; one I don't know where I got; the last, skinny one was from a shirt, either my husband's or my son's. Sweetie loves it and wore it to church this morning.

The "start" is going to be a wallhanging for our entry room which will serve the dual purpose of decorating that plain wall as well as teaching the seasons and months to my younger daughters. I plan to make a wallhanging of the season blocks, which are colored with Crayola crayons & then ironed for permanancy, and then sew buttons all along the outer borders. Onto the bottom buttons I will hang a different month block each month, having made them using a variety of techniques that I want to try but don't want to make a big project of yet. Sound fun? It does to me, even if I am getting a late start on the monthly blocks. I do have January and February blocks prepared for bluework and redwork embroidery. Not sure yet what I'll do for March, but I'm considering hand-applique which I've never tried. Maybe Sunbonnet Sue? We'll see what inspiration strikes.

Well, I hope you're doing something creative!



  1. Hey well done!!! Can I put you down in Finishing Stitches?!

  2. Beautiful finishes there.... what fun to go and try out long arm quilting..
    Thanks for your comment on my QAYG on Sew We Quilt - I hope it works for you.... a jog you say.... mmm ... but diet starts today!!


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