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Friday, March 4, 2011

March Finishing Stitiches - 2 blocks

Though my picture is sideways, I'll show it anyhow. The left two blocks are the two I finished this week for a plaid sampler quilt I'm making for Sweetie. She made the right two blocks when we were thinking that she'd make the quilt herself. She's discovered that she's content to learn how to mend and that other sewing machine adventures are fine left to others. She has enough of a basis in sewing and is comfortable enough with the machine that I'm fine with her not pursuing it much. If someday she decides that she'd like to learn more and do more sewing, she's got enough of a foundation that she will be able to do that on her own. \

Now I'm off to report my finishes on Joy's Finishing Stitches here http://www.joysquilts.blogspot.com/.

Hoping your day is beautful, I

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  1. Well done! I have been having problems with my computer, but hopefully will get it sorted out soon..!


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