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Monday, April 4, 2011

Bartering to Learn

What a blessing we had Saturday! Our three oldest girls got to learn how to bake bread from a lady who helps her husband in their brick oven bakery. She taught them how to make a starter, keep it alive and what to do with it from there. They got a whole day-long lesson in the science of it all as well as the art of making the perfect loaf of sturdy and wonderfully tasty whole wheat bread. She gave them a basic recipe and took them through all the steps and told them to make it just as written for about twelve times before they try things like adding cheese or herbs or anything like that though they can sprinkle seeds or herbs on top if they like. She wants them to get real comfortable with how the dough acts and what they should expect. She did teach them how to bake in our own oven though they did have the fun of getting to bake in her big brick oven.

They had such a good time and thanked me for setting that up for them though actually they will be doing the bartering business themselves since they're trading the baking lesson for babysitting her two young children while she works in their bakery.

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