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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Signature Quilts

This past weekend was a productive one for me as far as sewing goes. Saturday was a fasting day, so I didn't have to cook; Sunday after congregational worship and delicious dinner the girls played games with their dad which I opted out of since I'm not much of a game player (I heckle from nearby instead); and Monday we celebrated my and Roo's birthday (we share a birthday) a few days early so I kinda got the day off.

So I made fun use of the extra free time.

A couple of years ago, our pastor asked if we ladies would make wall-hangings of blocks with the church members' names on them. These were to be made annually. Well, being the main quilting person in the church, I was happy to head that up. We actually hand-quilted the first one, but soon it became evident that nobody else was too interested in the making of the wall-hangings, so I'm just doing myself, though I may ask people to participate in tying them (don't want to take as long as the quilted one did). I had in the back of my mind doing some back-tracking and making the two that would represent the two years of our history that were previous to when Pastor suggested the wall-hanging idea. We're just a baby church, agewise and sizewise.

So this weekend, I did the back-tracking. I had also completed the top for 2010 just a week or so ago. The blocks are signed by families, each person being represented. And we believe that God blesses us by giving us children and that He should have control of the womb, so the signature blocks have to be big enough for all the names of those many blessings.

Now to get them tied and bound. Or I might just use the sandwich and turn inside-out method.
But today is music lessons day, so we're off to that.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Kim! And love the quilts you put together, they are beautiful! You have been busy :)


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