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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two Blocks Finished

As part of our spring cleaning (at least I'm trying to justify it as such), I've been going though fabric scraps - detangling them, ironing them and cutting them into usable pieces. Kinda tedious, but it's greatly improved by listening to Pastor Doug Wilson, et. al., preaching from Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho. We're also watched a few movies, but then my ironing helpers lose interest in the ironing and want to watch the movie. So we haven't made great amounts of progress yet, but I have been able to thin out the unwanted and I did get all the blocks cut for Sweetie's plaid/shirting quilt. And I got two of them sewn up, so I'm off to report in at April Finishing Stitches. Woohooo!
Oops. I'm sideways again.

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