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Monday, May 30, 2011

Another repurposed denim skirt

Things have been hopping around here for a few weeks, as you could probably tell by my lack of posting. It's been fun, busy time with a three day visit from my sister's family and my mom. My sister is such a fun person to be with and is a barrel of laughs. The cousins all had a good time together, getting to know each other again and our city nephews enjoyed being out in the country. One night they slept in the back yard in a tent. Since they had never done that before, we warned them that the coyotes might howl and that they should not be worried about that since the coyotes stay far away from our yard area. Well, close to midnight we discover that the 7yo was lying there wide awake, not because of fear of coyotes, but because of disapointment that he hadn't heard any howling. Funny kid!

Another fun, busy thing that's been happening is that our son is home from college finally! He's been able to hang around awhile and just visit because the job that he'd supposed he'd have for the summer in Pennsylvania didn't pan out. So my husband and bro-in-law are both calling around to find him another job in the oilfields. Hopefully he'll still be in PA so he can be close enough to come home now and then on his days off.

But finally last evening I made it into The Quiltery and was able to finish up this cute skirt for Precious. She had started it some weeks ago and then all the other activities took over (and I think she prefers kitchen work to sewing work, which is ok with me because I'm just the other way around).

I'm also, as I often do at the end of a school year, reevaluating what we have or haven't done this year and am looking into what we should be doing over the summer and then planning for the next school year. Much prayer needed for wisdom.

Hope all's well with you all,

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