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Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Musing - The Search for Wisdom & a Scripture Memory Challenge

This morning I started a Bible study guide entitled The Beauty of a Disciplined Life: 10 Studies on the Book of Proverbs by Rebecca Gates. I found it at a book sale recently. I'm not sure yet if I'll like it, but this morning's study was very insightful and much-needed. Each chapter focuses on a particular discipline covered in Proverbs, ie. wisdom, martal faithfulness, energy, quietness, speech, etc. and since I'm seeing a particular need of growing in wisdom lately, I thought this would be a help.

Today's study concentrated on chapters 1-4 of Proverbs, looking at the value of wisdom and how it is gotten. It was good to see the many synonyms or parallels to the word "wisdom," such as understanding, justice, judgment, equity, prudence, knowledge, discretion, discernment and righteousness. Wisdom is to be pursued, received, treasured, inclined to, applied, cried out for, and sought diligently. How many of us can say that we seek wisdom as we ought and as Proverbs tells us to? Hmmm.

Some of the benefits of attaining wisdom are:
*long, peaceful life
*respected by God and man
*clear direction
*strength and health
*having plenty
*safety, confidence and security
*confidence in God and His ability to keep us from falling

Wisdom also helps us avoid pain such as:
*the opposites of all the benefits
*being cut off from the earth
*being cursed by God
*being scorned

So, how is wisdom attained? According to Psalm 119:97-112, it's by learning, meditating on and keeping God's words. I shamefully admit that that has not been a very high priority lately. We've been kinda hit and miss in our family worship time and my own delighting in the law of God has also been hit and miss. So, today that changes. I hope to begin memorizing Scripture more consistently with the girls and would like to challenge you to join us.

This week I want to start with Psalm 103:1-5 because, although there are many wonderful Scriptures to learn to help us walk the walk, I want to start by focusing on who God is and how to praise Him and talk of His wondrous works. Want to join us?

Because He is so patient, I

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