"We write to taste life twice - once in the moment and in introspection."

Monday, October 31, 2011

During our annual Reformation Day Celebration, while the kids danced in joy before the Lord, I visited with friends, took oodles of pictures (but I only seem to be able to upload one picture/post on my antiquated computer), finished making my German Potato Salad, ran home to get forgotten piano music for the Talent Show & quilted hearts into the center blocks on this hope chest baby quilt.

I had put this together from leftovers of The Guinea Pig's farewell quilt, quilted most of it on the rented quilting machine and then decided that the hearts I'd tried to machine quilt in looked terrible, so I took them out and hand-quilted them in. Now if only I could find the label that I already wrote out for this. Sigh. Oh, well; I'm going to count it as a finish anyhow and will just rejoice all the more when I get the label on. This is for Sweetie's hope chest.

I hope to tell you more about our Reformation Day Celebration soon...as well as about another finish. :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Little Finishes

I've had this maple leaf fabric for several years. First I tried to make a curtain as a door/wall to my sewing area so the creative process (mess) wouldn't be so visible from my living room, but the curtain wouldn't stay up. So the fabric languished in the stash pile for a couple of years till I finally got inspired and made the time to turn it into a fall shower curtain. The goal is to make a different curtain for each season. So far, I have summer and autumn. A hem all around and buttonholes for the curtain rings on top was a simple and fairly quick finish.
The crocheted rug is a recent finish by Princess. It was crocheted out of 1.5 inch strips torn from three twin sized sheets - red, blue and green. Very pretty, I think. And just what we needed as our bath rug was shredding.
* * * * * * * * * * * *

This little finish has also been in my mind for awhile, so it was nice to actually get it done. The red thingy was just inside the mouth of some juice jug, I think. (It's been just hanging around here too long to remember exactly.) You could use a pop bottle cap, but I wanted something a little bigger.

It is stuffed with wool roving (needlefelting wool) and topped with a circle cut from a laundered, therefore felted, wool sweater. I gathered the circle with wide basting stitches, tightened it all up, stuffed the circle with more roving and then glued it all into the red base with E6000 glue. I used that glue to stick it to my sewing machine. Now no more hunting under piles of quilt blocks, etc., for my pincushion!

Hope you're having some feeling of accomplishment today!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Coming Out of Retirement

Inspired by some things going on in quilt-blog-land and the fact that we're kinda settled into our homeschooling routine and I discovered that I can fit in some sewing and blogging, I've decided to come out of retirement. Of course, I still have the same slow computer and the same very slow dial-up connection to the internet, so until I can afford a laptop (it's not likely that we'll get beyond dial-up in our neck of the woods for quite some time yet) and can take the computer to some place where they have fast internet, I probably won't post a lot of pictures.

But I really want to get in on the Finish It Up Fridays at www.crazymomquilts.blogspot.com  because I need the encouragement and inspiration to finish up my mountain of Works in Progess, Projects At a Stand Still, Unfinished Objects...whatever fancy names people try to give to this dilemma of mine.

And I like what's going on over at http://www.dawnhayesdesigns.blogspot.com/ where people are explaining the origin of their blog names. Could be fun. My blog name comes from my two greatest interests - home (homeschooling, homemaking, homebirth, homecooking...) and piecing (quilts and the lives of our family).

And I have been reading some good books lately that I'd like to share with others.

And most my flesh and blood friends aren't all that interested in quilting.

And I like to share homeschooling and homemaking ideas.

And I want others to get to know about our rather unique church community - reformed theology, family-integrated, homeschooling, homemaking, welcoming to children as God sends them, caring, sacrificing for each other, encouraging each other to grow in the Lord, semi-agrarian, and all around good folk.

So, I'm back, for better or for worse.