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Monday, October 10, 2011

Coming Out of Retirement

Inspired by some things going on in quilt-blog-land and the fact that we're kinda settled into our homeschooling routine and I discovered that I can fit in some sewing and blogging, I've decided to come out of retirement. Of course, I still have the same slow computer and the same very slow dial-up connection to the internet, so until I can afford a laptop (it's not likely that we'll get beyond dial-up in our neck of the woods for quite some time yet) and can take the computer to some place where they have fast internet, I probably won't post a lot of pictures.

But I really want to get in on the Finish It Up Fridays at www.crazymomquilts.blogspot.com  because I need the encouragement and inspiration to finish up my mountain of Works in Progess, Projects At a Stand Still, Unfinished Objects...whatever fancy names people try to give to this dilemma of mine.

And I like what's going on over at http://www.dawnhayesdesigns.blogspot.com/ where people are explaining the origin of their blog names. Could be fun. My blog name comes from my two greatest interests - home (homeschooling, homemaking, homebirth, homecooking...) and piecing (quilts and the lives of our family).

And I have been reading some good books lately that I'd like to share with others.

And most my flesh and blood friends aren't all that interested in quilting.

And I like to share homeschooling and homemaking ideas.

And I want others to get to know about our rather unique church community - reformed theology, family-integrated, homeschooling, homemaking, welcoming to children as God sends them, caring, sacrificing for each other, encouraging each other to grow in the Lord, semi-agrarian, and all around good folk.

So, I'm back, for better or for worse.

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  1. Good for you. Teaching the girl to quilt at a young age I see :)


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