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Monday, October 31, 2011

During our annual Reformation Day Celebration, while the kids danced in joy before the Lord, I visited with friends, took oodles of pictures (but I only seem to be able to upload one picture/post on my antiquated computer), finished making my German Potato Salad, ran home to get forgotten piano music for the Talent Show & quilted hearts into the center blocks on this hope chest baby quilt.

I had put this together from leftovers of The Guinea Pig's farewell quilt, quilted most of it on the rented quilting machine and then decided that the hearts I'd tried to machine quilt in looked terrible, so I took them out and hand-quilted them in. Now if only I could find the label that I already wrote out for this. Sigh. Oh, well; I'm going to count it as a finish anyhow and will just rejoice all the more when I get the label on. This is for Sweetie's hope chest.

I hope to tell you more about our Reformation Day Celebration soon...as well as about another finish. :)

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