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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Organizing for the Holidays

Since the heart of the home during the holidays is definitely the kitchen (followed closely by the craft room), I decided last week that it was finally time to tackle the job that had been looming over me of thoroughly cleaning and organizing the kitchen. 
So we emptied EVERYTHING out of the cupboards and off the counter and stacked it wherever we could find an empty spot - all over the dining room and into the living room, too. 

After washing all the shelves, counters and doors with bleach water, we began the process of putting things back in an orderly fashion. The baking/spice area had been the worse, so I was happy to get things sorted and neatened in there. I discovered that I had duplicates of some things which aren't used that often, so I passed some along to my aunt.

I am especially pleased with this little tidbit of organization genius (if I do say so myself). The hardware department helped me out with this little screw and nail organizer. The only disadvantage is that it's hard to sprinkle cinnamon on our french toast with this method, but it can be sprinkled from a spoon if necessary. I do actually keep a sprinkling jar of cinnamon as well as this little drawer of it.

So our kitchen now looks pretty good, though we're going to have to be sure to maintain it. I'll have to wait for another post to show you my piece de resistance because my dial-up internet is slowing way down and I'm just tickled that I was able to upload three whole pictures! There is hope now for a satellite connection not too far in the future, though.

Hope you have some time to help yourself feel well-ordered this Thanksgiving/Christmas season. I have more organizing to do, but I wanted to share my good start.