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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Candy Candyland

I have no idea why this photo turned sideways during the uploading process, but it did and we (including my expert daughter) can't figure out how to turn it rightways. But if you turn yourself or your computer sideways, you can see some of the fun we've had over the Christmas advent.

Instead of making regular gingerbread houses, we got the idea to make a Candyland board game. So each "child" chose a house to make and went at it.  We covered a little table with freezer paper, drew on the set-up and then placed the finished houses in their proper spots. We could have gotten Starbursts for the pathway, but that would run into more money and candy than I was happy with. So the Peanut Pixie-face had fun coloring in the spaces with markers.

I should say that we kinda cheat and use graham crackers instead of making our own gingerbread, but it works, we can get at the fun part quicker and you don't eat the stuff anyhow, so why go to the trouble?!

So, what was our inspiration to make Candyland? The 21-year-old college boy brought up the idea of playing it with his little sisters. A desire that was no doubt instilled in him by his granny loving to play it with him years ago.

I do now have a laptop (Merry Christmas to me), so hope to be able to show some of the other fun things we've done over the Christmas season as well as share more about homeschooling and such.

But for now, I wish you all a very blessed new year!