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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Finished Cats Quilt

I'm excited to report a finished quilt! It's a big finish for me even though it's not a very big quilt because my daughter and I have been working on it for probably more than four years.

Princess pieced the cats, with some help on the smaller ear sections, and then sewed it all together. I hand-quilted it and sewed the binding on for her. She now enjoys its warmth on her bed.

And I enjoy its beauty and the wonderful feeling of a job well-done, as well as the knowledge that she learned a lot about sewing and we had a lot of fun as we made this together.

Hope you're having fun times together.


  1. So cute! Where did you get the pattern? I know I have seen it somewhere.. I'd love to make one of them one day.... xxx

    1. Thanks, Joy. The pattern is an old Debbie Mumm one. It was fun, especially since my daughter and I are both cat lovers.


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