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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Latest Project - Five in a Row totes

No time for sewing lately because I've been mostly consumed with the new project of making tubs full of supplemental books for the Five in a Row homeschooling curriculum. It all started with an innocent discussion at a recent Ladies' Brunch at a friend's home.

A newbie homeschooler was asking for advice on teaching her young children and we got to talking about Five in a Row. The premise of this curriculum is that you read certain high quality (Caldecott and Newbery type) books to your 5-9 year olds, reading the same book five days in a row, studying a certain aspect of that book each day. For instance, after reading The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter on Monday, you might focus on the life of Beatrix Potter, how to draw, the science of rabbits and the Velveteen Rabbit. Then on Tuesday, you could look at the geography of England, pinning the story disk to a world map on England, and Mrs. Tiggywinkle and hedgehogs. Wednesday would be for learning about Benjamin Bunny, obedience and germs. Thursday would focus on gardening, seeds and the math of figuring out when the seeds would germinate. Friday you'd look at sparrows and cook something related to herbs or garden foods.

Michelle Miller (of Truthquest History fame) has a children's library near where we used to live and she has set up a tote for each Five in a Row title, putting supplemental materials in the totes so each topic is easily and conveniently studied without having to search all over the library for what you need. With her blessing and help I bought her lists of supplemental books and am now working on setting up totes for use by folks in this area. Mine won't be exactly like hers because I'm substituting some of my already owned books for some of the topics as well as finding similar books in thrift stores around here.

It's been a fun endeavor, though it's turned my sewing room/office into an even bigger mess. :) I got to start using the Peter Rabbit tub (the first one done because I already had some stuff for it) with the Peanut this week, which has been a big blessing since we're battling the flu, wisdom teeth surgery, running to the airport 1.5 hours away, as well has having and giving music lessons. It's so convenient to just grab the box of stuff, snuggle up on the couch and read delightedly. The additional lapbooking will be done a little later when she can sit up again for longer periods.

There are about four other families that hopefully will be making use of these totes and then I hope that my grandchildren will also be blessed by them.

Having fun, enjoying good books and snuggles.

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