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Monday, April 16, 2012

Conquering the Basement

So, this last week's big project has been to regain some control of the basement storage area. And it hasn't been a quick, easy job. We have a variation of what is called a "Michgan Basement" so it's very rustic to start with and the walls seep melting snow at this time of the year.

I had to start with confession and repentance at having let it get so bad and then dug in with my trusty paper bag and Sharpie sorting method, a spin-off from Emilie Barnes' sorting. Some bags are Sharpie-labelled "Give Away;" some "Throw Away;" and some "Put Away." 

Just getting started
In process
 I'm amazed at how many ice cream buckets I found down there. Sigh.

Much better!  Labelling everything to make maintenance easier.
 After I got the shelves neatened and everything labelled, I brought some of the messmakers down there and showed them how to MAINTAIN the order. That's our worst enemy: not maintaining the order once we have it. So that's goal: to build the habits of putting things where they belong.
 Now I'm on to the sewing nook. But this week we need to get back to our school schedule, too, so progress might be a little slower.

This past week, the girls have been doing the regularly planned spring cleaning. I had listed all the jobs that we think need doing in each room and over the whole house, ie. washing floors, washing windows, putting in screens, rotating mattresses, etc., and then I had divided it all into the five days of the week with each girl and me being assigned certain jobs according to ability and height. Since that was all done on the computer, I just have to print up a copy/checklist every spring and don't have to replan the whole thing.

I'll tell you about the sewing nook clean-up soon. And, hopefully, show pictures of a wonderfully organized and delightfully inspiring area. 

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  1. You made great progress! Spring cleaning is a task to behold no matter how much space you have:)


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