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Monday, April 9, 2012

Five in a Row Party

Today was the first of our Five in a Row get-togethers. We had a great time making a craft to go with the Peter Rabbit story, which I chose for our first gathering because it's a pretty well-known story and I figured everyone would be familiar with it and  I've loved Beatrix Potter stuff forever. Our craft was to paint a clay pot and then Princess helped everyone to plant a parsley plant in their pot. The children seemed to really enjoy the creative painting time while the moms enjoyed visiting and helping their little ones.

Then while the children played, I explained how the boxes of books will work to supplement the Five in a Row main titles and how we'll do the check-out process. And then we enjoyed snacks, played and visited for awhile. A very nice time!
Peter Rabbit food of celery with peanut butter or cream cheese  and cucumbers with cream cheese, a parsley leaf and half a grape tomato ("ladybugs")
I wish I could take credit for the whole Five in a Row supplemental books in tubs idea, but the credit goes to Michelle Miller of Truthquest History who had a library of these kinds of tubs in which we had a membership where we used to live. It so helped our "studies" while I was having a trying pregnancy that I thought the same type of thing might be helpful to others also and I wanted my younger children to have the benefits of this that my older ones did for a time.

Tomorrow we begin the spring cleaning and reorganizing that I usually try to do before Easter. Oh, well, better late than never and I hope that I won't feel rushed and will be able to do a more thorough and maintainable job.

I'll try to share any great revelations and ideas that come our way as we go through the process.

And if you have any ideas or words of wisdom to help us along, feel free to comment.

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  1. We used Five in a Row when mine where little; boy I miss those days! Great share.


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