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Sunday, April 8, 2012


Do you ever feel like you're just skimming through life? Like skimming over a book?

So often I find myself skimming over someone's blog post because I don't have much time to read blogs. Or skimming through a book because, again, I don't have much time to read. Or skimming through housework. Or homeschooling. Or a conversation with my child. Or dinner out with my husband. Or skimming over important remembrances such as Resurrection Day.

How much more valuable it would be if I concentrated on fewer things and did them with more depth, focus and wonder. How much better it would be if I totally absorbed what I'm reading and read with more discernment. How much more deeply loving it would be if I gave eye contact and maybe snuggles as my child talked with me. How much deeper and wiser I could be if I spent more time and thought as I read my Bible and prayed.

Some of these thoughts come from beginning to read the book "Long Wandering Prayer" by David Hansen. In one sense he proposes just the opposite of what I'm advising myself to do in that he says that a wandering mind can actually be God's call to pray about other thoughts that come to mind than what's actually on our "prayer list," but he has also caused me to think about how little time I spend in communion with God, disciplined or wandering. He suggests just setting aside time to wander through nature, both physically and spiritually, speaking to God about whatever comes to mind. I must say that lately all that comes to mind is the next thing on the to-do list. Sad.

So I encourage myself and anyone else who reads this to think over priorities (a recurring process) to see if life has become too scattered to concentrate on the important. Am I spending concentrated time on the things that should have full concentration? Am I skimming through life too quickly to catch the wonder of the small things - ladybugs, gorgeous sunsets, lilac buds, butterflies, eyelashes, hugs, parsley, freckles, laughter, piano pieces, fingernails, green grass, the wind blowing through my hair, freshly ground coffee, silly games of Scattergories, cat tails wrapping around your legs, wiggly worms, tweezers, braiding daughters' hairs, Easter chipmunks bring Cadbury Cream Eggs in cute little tin pails...

God has blessed us with so much; it's a shame to skim over those blessings. Decide which are the best for this season in your life and fully immerse yourself in them.

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  1. Such a wonderful, heartfelt post. Thank you. I do believe we often spend too much time focusing on the next thing on the list..skimming over the important things.
    Beautifully written!


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