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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Birthing Kittens

This morning our sweet cat, Tux (Tuxedo), helped along our biology lessons by letting us watch her give birth to kittens. So far we are the proud owners of Yahtzee, Risk and either Chess or Bob (the jury is still out). We're not sure if she's done yet or not, but if not, she's taking a rather long break.
Named Yahtzee because of the six spots.

Yahtzee, Risk (black) and Chess (black & white) or Bob.

The sweet cat has been so patient and tolerant with all of us watching and encouraging.
I'm thankful God gives us opportunities to see unusual things and lets us learn more about his creation and how things work. And kittens are so much fun! 

Just wish the big brother and cousins could come see and enjoy with us.

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