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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

If I hadn't had children...

...I could have spent much of my time doing almost anything I'd wanted.

That would have made me a very self-centered person indeed.

...I would not have been able to help six beautiful people get their start in life.

That would have been sad for me and for the world.

...I would not have faced my own sins and inabilities to foster good relationships as I helped direct theirs.

That would have crippled me and kept me immature in my relationships.

...I would not have learned to serve the needy till I was bone-tired.

That would have stunted my growth in Christ, the great Servant.

...I would not have understood as deeply the love of the Father/Parent to us His children.

That would have left me shallow and small.

...I would not have been blessed by having my children shower me with love.

That would have left me empty and cynical.

...I would not have had the same opportunities to feel my own helplessness at doing things right.

That would have kept me from agonizing prayer and total reliance on God.

...I would have gone on thinking I knew so much.

That would merely have fostered an ugly pride in me.

...I would not have gotten to see my patient husband grow in many of these ways, too.

That would have lessened my respect for him.

...I would not have gotten to watch God work in each of their lives, bringing them to Himself in different ways.

That would have deprived me of seeing how He doesn't necessarily need my fingers getting into things in order to make His will come about. He does, however, command me to pray about it.

...I would not have had the deepest pains nor the greatest joys.

That would have left me shallow and not relying on God as much nor praising Him as readily.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

For the first seven years of our marriage, I had not wanted children and took measures to prevent that. I'm so thankful that God changed our hearts and gave us the six precious children that He had planned for us and even that He took the one that was miscarried. And He continues to change our hearts. Praise Him!

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  1. Praise Him indeed. Thank you for reminder of the blessing of children and for liking up on Cornerstone Confessions.


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