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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lessons in Spray-painting

I have a quick project to show today and a few pointers about spray painting that I learned the hard way (the way I usually learn, it seems) in hopes that you won't have to learn them the hard way.

My first spray painting project was to paint five boxes a pretty aqua so I can use them to more prettily organize my fabric strips.

I had the boxes already collected, so I just had to cut off the top flaps and then get at the painting.

These particular boxes have a waxy coating, so, though it may not have been necessary, I sprayed on a coat of primer. That dried quickly and I was able to spray on the pretty aqua (Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze).

Now I have pretty grass, too.

Lesson #1: Wear gloves.
Lesson #1a: Not cheap disposable gloves. They tear.

Indoor/outdoor "exceptionally smooth and durable paint" doesn't wash off. It takes forever to wear off. Fingernail polish remover takes a lot of it off, but smears it around a lot, too.

Lesson #2: Wear long sleeves or very long gloves, for the above-mentioned reasons.

Lesson #3: Position yourself upwind of the item you're spraying. Also for the above-mentioned reasons.

Lesson #4: Don't leave your cardboard boxes out for the heavy Michigan dew to ruin. Fortunately, I learned this one before damage was done.

Now for the finished product:

The labels were a simple computer project and were attached with brads. I'd show you a whole row of these on my shelf looking so nice and organized, but I ran out of brads, so will need to get more first.

So, instead, I'll show you my other spray painting project:

I was tickled to find this sturdy wooden table at the Salvation Army thrift store. (It was quite a job to fit it into my already full car, but I persevered!) It was painted an ok white, but I had also found a smaller black table, so I wanted them to match (and hopefully not show dirt so much). So here it is, looking happy in our very foggy backyard. 

I have dreams of setting up little reading areas in our yard for our in-house (or I should say in-yard) summer reading program. This will be one of them. I show them to you as I get them set up.

I hope you're having fun setting up place of order and beauty!


  1. The boxes look great, wonderful idea and gloves are always handy when painting :) Thanks for sharing.
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