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Friday, May 25, 2012

What we've been up to

Again I have not posted in awhile because so much has been happening. Too busy living it to write about it. But I have a little breather today, so I'll share some of our blessings.

Here's something I've been wanting to share for a long time, but it's been a surprise for my sister and her husband, so I had to wait till it was done and delivered. And it is. So here it is.
She wrote that she absolutely loves it, so I am absolutely happy.

I ran out of the lilac fabric, both because Joann Fabric didn't have very much and because I made some stupid and not-so-stupid mistakes in cutting. (My thrift-store purchased cutting mat had the 0 inches line right along the edge instead of having a margin like my other one.) So I was happy that I had other fabrics that went with it all very nicely that I could grab and put in.
Here it is, beautifully quilted by Debra at Quilt Something.
The pattern is Sweet and Simple by Designs by Lavender Lime by Kathy Skomp. It was pretty simple to put together and is a lot of fun to play with. I plan to make a few more of this design.

Another fun thing that's been made around here is this little pincushion that Sweetie invented.

I had gotten several wool sweaters at yard sales and thrift stores and washed them up in hot water till they were felted. Then we have them ready whenever the creative genius strikes. Her genius struck with the idea of using the red cuff rolled into a cylinder, topped with a gathered strip for the roof. A pom-pom and some embroidery as well as an appliqued door finished it off. It is especially nice for a bigger needle like a yarn needle. I don't worry about it making a big hole in the pincushion.

So, that's partially what's been going on. I'll be back, hopefully fairly soon, to share some more adventures.


  1. Your quilt turned out beautifully. And what can I say about the felted wool house? Let's just say this HOME girl loves it! I love felted woold and the little house is so sweet. Thanks so much for sharing with Share Your Cup. I would love it if you would put a link back to Have a Daily Cup so that friends will know where you party.

  2. I could not see wherre to follow you. Do you not have followers on your blog?
    Double Hugs,

    1. I'm under the impression that if you click on the "Subscribe" button, you can follow through email. I'm not an expert on this process yet, though, so let me know if it doesn't work.

  3. Your quilt is beautiful, and OH! that little pincushion! So cute! Whoop whoop!!

  4. Love the quilt and the cushion is an original!


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