"We write to taste life twice - once in the moment and in introspection."

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Worshiping Order and The Schedule

The girls are off on a long bike ride. The outdoors beckons us all and I use these quite moments as a chance to mull over important things while basking in the gorgeous outdoors. It's worth the time to set up a table and small retreat area.
My husband's strawberry is wine is my favorite, so I set some out, wishing that I had some of the local dairy's garlic cheese to go with it. 

For I need to relax. 

Need to think over recent stresses that have attacked. 

Need to write to think. 

Need to sense peace and deliberateness. 

Need to feel the calming breezes of our beautiful back yard. 

Need to hear the insects chirping and birds joyfully calling. 

Need to smell the freshness. 

And need to think and pray and repent and renew and refresh.

As the school year approaches, I feel the call to panic, to remedy all the shortcomings of last year, to try to fix everything and teach everything and quickly mold everybody into who they should be. And it's not peaceful.

And often it's not loving.

And we stress out.

And everyone tries to remedy everyone else.

And I think I worship the thought of having a schedule and order so that everyone's sinfulness, bickering, etc. will cease. 

I don't trust the Holy Spirit -

 I trust the schedule...or the order...or the other books to inspire us to godliness...

I don't handle individual opportunities to lead the children to the Cross, to repentance, to forgiveness, to true love and fellowship because I'm waiting...thinking the new schedule will solve the "idle hands are the devil's workshop" problems. 

And thus I sin. And I let old bad habits become further entrenched. And they are harder to break and replace.

So I kneel at the foot of the Cross. And I beg for forgiveness myself. And I ask for the help that I so desperately need. 

And, yes, I build a schedule and I try to create order in our home and in our day. For these are good things, but they are not God. 

And days that don't follow the schedule and are not orderly should not cause stress, nor the attitude that all is lost.

Days that are not full of... 


loving attitudes,

 respect for one another,

glorying in new ways of knowing who God is through our studies, 

serving one another and others,

repentance for sin and forgiveness freely granted...

These are the days that should cause sorrow, repentance and cries for help to trust and obey.

And the heart rate slows and the blessings are counted and the mind is stilled and the day goes on...

more peacefully.

Wishing you a day full of blessings.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Setting Up for Homeschooling

I finally decided this year that I was going to actually set up a "schoolroom" for our homeschooling so we wouldn't feel so scattered about. Also, I wanted the dining room to actually be a dining room. We still have to have the piano and other musical instruments in the dining room, but at least it's not covered in books and bookshelves and it feels much more roomy.

So here's what we came up with for a schoolroom:

This little room used to be a porch add-on, then was enclosed to be a small room off the living room and kitchen. My husband, son, and oldest daughter put in the shelves when we first moved here and I've used it as a library, study, sewing nook and now it's our "study/schoolroom." I was so tickled to find this beautiful aqua sort of paint in our local hardware store. My desk is under the window; three girls currently share the table; one has the old computer desk on the right and Peanut has the cute little roll-top we found at a resale store in beautiful shape. 

Bob the Kitten is such a help to our studies.

This morning we had a noble effort at making our schedule work and it went fairly well (a few attitude problems, mostly, for which apologies were made). In the afternoon we loosened up because my aunt came for lunch. Since she's a former missionary schoolteacher, she was happy to help the Peanut with her math workbook. Then we went for a walk in the delightful weather and beautiful outdoors.

Another time I'll show you the results of the great canning that is going on right now.

Enjoy life.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Coming Back

After taking a long break and doing some thinking about blogging, I have decided I'm going to continue posting on a limited basis for the following purposes:

~ for being able to participate in quilt-alongs on a limited basis (right now I've joined the Scrappy Star quilt-along at http://terrytreasures.blogspot.com.

~ for possibly encouraging other homeschooling families and to share ideas.

~ to participate in nature studies with http://handbookofnaturestudy.blogspot.com/.

~ to activate my Amazon Affiliate membership.

~ because I enjoy writing.

~ to glorify God and enjoy him forever.

~ perhaps to have a forum for introducing any Bible studies or unit studies that I might get to write.

Of course, after that decision, my computer is being aggravatingly slow, so I might have to take it to get fixed first.

But, while I do still have it, I want to show my first two blocks from the Scrappy Star quilt-along. Since we're only doing two blocks per month, I figure I can keep up with that without neglecting my homemaking or time with my girls and husband. And since I already have quite a few nine-patch blocks from my "leaders-enders" (as taught by Bonnie Hunter), I'm already ahead of the game.

I decided to not be totally scrappy by making all the background pieces of the same fabric and by making all the points of each star the same. The nine-patches are entirely scrappy, though.

Later I'll show how we've turned a tiny little side room/study/library into our schoolroom for this year.