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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Setting Up for Homeschooling

I finally decided this year that I was going to actually set up a "schoolroom" for our homeschooling so we wouldn't feel so scattered about. Also, I wanted the dining room to actually be a dining room. We still have to have the piano and other musical instruments in the dining room, but at least it's not covered in books and bookshelves and it feels much more roomy.

So here's what we came up with for a schoolroom:

This little room used to be a porch add-on, then was enclosed to be a small room off the living room and kitchen. My husband, son, and oldest daughter put in the shelves when we first moved here and I've used it as a library, study, sewing nook and now it's our "study/schoolroom." I was so tickled to find this beautiful aqua sort of paint in our local hardware store. My desk is under the window; three girls currently share the table; one has the old computer desk on the right and Peanut has the cute little roll-top we found at a resale store in beautiful shape. 

Bob the Kitten is such a help to our studies.

This morning we had a noble effort at making our schedule work and it went fairly well (a few attitude problems, mostly, for which apologies were made). In the afternoon we loosened up because my aunt came for lunch. Since she's a former missionary schoolteacher, she was happy to help the Peanut with her math workbook. Then we went for a walk in the delightful weather and beautiful outdoors.

Another time I'll show you the results of the great canning that is going on right now.

Enjoy life.

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  1. Oh, why do friends not leave comments for this sweet post?!

    I loved seeing your schoolroom!! It reminded me of ours when my children were younger in a house we lived in through many homeschooling years. We had a table and bookshelf and two desks built into the bookshelves and then my desk. Your paint makes the room so cheery. I hope God blesses your homeschooling year.

    Thank you for linking up at Haven of Rest this past week.


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