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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Worshiping Order and The Schedule

The girls are off on a long bike ride. The outdoors beckons us all and I use these quite moments as a chance to mull over important things while basking in the gorgeous outdoors. It's worth the time to set up a table and small retreat area.
My husband's strawberry is wine is my favorite, so I set some out, wishing that I had some of the local dairy's garlic cheese to go with it. 

For I need to relax. 

Need to think over recent stresses that have attacked. 

Need to write to think. 

Need to sense peace and deliberateness. 

Need to feel the calming breezes of our beautiful back yard. 

Need to hear the insects chirping and birds joyfully calling. 

Need to smell the freshness. 

And need to think and pray and repent and renew and refresh.

As the school year approaches, I feel the call to panic, to remedy all the shortcomings of last year, to try to fix everything and teach everything and quickly mold everybody into who they should be. And it's not peaceful.

And often it's not loving.

And we stress out.

And everyone tries to remedy everyone else.

And I think I worship the thought of having a schedule and order so that everyone's sinfulness, bickering, etc. will cease. 

I don't trust the Holy Spirit -

 I trust the schedule...or the order...or the other books to inspire us to godliness...

I don't handle individual opportunities to lead the children to the Cross, to repentance, to forgiveness, to true love and fellowship because I'm waiting...thinking the new schedule will solve the "idle hands are the devil's workshop" problems. 

And thus I sin. And I let old bad habits become further entrenched. And they are harder to break and replace.

So I kneel at the foot of the Cross. And I beg for forgiveness myself. And I ask for the help that I so desperately need. 

And, yes, I build a schedule and I try to create order in our home and in our day. For these are good things, but they are not God. 

And days that don't follow the schedule and are not orderly should not cause stress, nor the attitude that all is lost.

Days that are not full of... 


loving attitudes,

 respect for one another,

glorying in new ways of knowing who God is through our studies, 

serving one another and others,

repentance for sin and forgiveness freely granted...

These are the days that should cause sorrow, repentance and cries for help to trust and obey.

And the heart rate slows and the blessings are counted and the mind is stilled and the day goes on...

more peacefully.

Wishing you a day full of blessings.


  1. Loved this- thank you for sharing your heart! I, too, am reflecting on what needs to happen for this school year and what our ultimate goal should be. To glorify God and enjoy Him forever, yes? :)

    1. Always.

      Thank you for reading and reflecting, too.

  2. It is so surprising when God shows us our idols... and they are often good things! Thanks for posting. It provided personal reflection for me as well! Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. :)

    1. Thanks for your comment. You're right - often our idols are good things that distract or that we can justify, but aren't central to who God is or what He wants us to do. Live and learn. :)

  3. Yes, you shared your heart in a beautiful poetic sort of way. I always thought that schedules were important and yet, like you said, the stress that comes when things go wrong don't bring peace.

    Thanks for linking up over at Haven of Rest the past couple weeks. You have a beautiful look to your blog with the quilt surrounding your content. God bless you.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. And thank you for hosting the link up for us.


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