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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Outdoor Hour Challenge - Ants

A cool, crisp autumn day greeted us as we set out on our nature study and exercise walk today. Being part of the Outdoor Hour Challenge, we were particularly looking for ants to study this week. 

We were rewarded by finding a bunch of them happily grouped on a milkweed plant, tending their aphid herd. The aphids secrete something called "honeydew" which the ants eat. The Handbook of Nature Study says "...they are, in fact, merely little animated drops of sap on legs." 

So, the ants defend them from predators and care for them as a farmer cares for his milk cows.

 We also turned over some rocks and logs to watch the ants scurry about and into their tunnels. Some had wings, with one having particularly larger ones. They didn't hang around for long, so neither did we.

Then we went into the house, did most of our drawing and reread the lapbook Peanut had made a couple of years ago with the help of the Alpha Bugs lapbooking stuff on the Lapbook Lessons website.

Here are some of the wonderful and crazy nature notebook drawings. (I can't get the last one to be upright. Sorry.)

I'm thankful to Barb at the Outdoor Hour Challenges for inspiring and encouraging us to be more consistent and deliberate in our nature studies.


  1. Ants really are rather cool creatures! :0)

  2. Ah...I love Nature walks and that Nature book. It is my favorite. I love Nature Notebooking too!! You should see my attic. I have loads of binders chock full of Notebooking from my children.

    Thanks for linking up at Haven of Rest this past week. Blessings.


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