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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lotsa Forgiveness = Lotsa Love

"But to whom little is forgiven, the same loves little." 
Luke 7:47b

One of the ways God helps us to learn to love Him is through showing us our immense amount of sinfulness so that we come to Him in dire need of forgiveness, which He offers freely. Then because we've been forgiven much, we fall in love with Him even more.

And the chief of these sins, I believe, is pride. Sometimes we think that we don't have much to confess, so we don't confess much. We are forgiven little, and we love little.

I can remember as a young teen thinking such thoughts. Just before communion in our little church we would have a time of "contemplation and confession" during which we silently reflected on His great love for us and our lack of deserving that love.

At that time in history, the whole "saved from a life of drugs, illicit sex, knives and switchblades" stories were popular. And I had grown up as a good, Christian girl who had no story like that, so I figured that I really had very little sin to confess during confession time. Silly girl. 

That thought in itself needed to be confessed. Because it was pride. It stank of Phariseeism. It forgot, or ignored, the myriads of attitude sins and the immense selfishness. It ignored the disrespect of parents and backtalk, the snottiness to little sister and brother, etc., etc. making me nauseated now.

Fortunately, God loved me and wanted me to grow in my love for Him, so He has given me many opportunities to see my sinfulness, my need for a Savior who takes my sinfulness on Himself and who forgives me. So I love Him more.

But the key is to be humble and ask for forgiveness. There have been the many times that I have ignored His promptings to draw closer in humility and instead I grow hard and embittered rather than falling more in love with Him because I've confessed sin and received forgiveness.

So I'm thankful that, as Larnelle Harris sang, He's the "God of the Second Chance."

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