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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Scrappy Stars

Since we took last week off of home schooling to visit with our son and his girlfriend (now fiance), I squeezed in a few minutes of sewing and got caught up on the Scrappy Stars quilt-along at terrytreasures.blogspot.com.

September's stars
In September I hadn't had time to do two blocks (sad, huh?), so I got September's stars done and then did both of October's.

October's stars

And now I get the fun of making a wedding quilt!


  1. Your star blocks look wonderful! I like how you kept the star points the same color on each star! :0)

  2. These look so pretty!! I must be missing something. Are you doing some type of challenge to do two squares a month? If so, when did you start this? Is this a wedding quilt or are you working on another one? Maybe this is covered in another post and I missed it? Well, suffice it to say, that you challenged me to start another quilt (like I have been meaning to do) and I saved your link to Terry's blog on Pinterest :-)

    1. Judith,
      Yes, we're doing a two-block-per-month challenge and I figured I could handle that much. Apparently in September I couldn't. LOL. It started in August, so it wouldn't take too long to catch up to us if you want to join. Especially if you use Bonnie Hunter's "leaders-enders" technique and have some 9-patches already made up.

      I don't know yet if I'll use this for the wedding quilt because I don't know if my future daughter-in-law likes scrappy quilts. I'll have to find out.

      I hope you join us.


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