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Friday, October 26, 2012

Some Quilt Finishes

I'm finally getting around the posting some pictures of some quilts I've finished up.

This baby quilt refuses to upload any other way than on it's side. But at least you can see the pattern and the fun, bright colors.

I had been working on these blocks for awhile and then a friend let us know that she's expecting her twelfth baby, so now I have someone to give this to. Mighty nice of her.

This queen sized quilt has actually been in the works and out of the works for about seven years, so I'm very happy that I finally finished it and it now graces our bed. It is from an Eleanor Burns book. The pattern was actually for a wall-hanging, but I wanted a bed quilt, so I changed things a little.

My Princess and Bob the Cat (Bobcat) enjoy it, too.

Since I had a few leftover blocks after a little redesigning, I made a wall-hanging, too, the edge of which you can see at the top of the photo. I might make some pillow shams with the last two blocks, but that's not even on the list right now. Christmas gifts need to come first.

I hope you've gotten to finish a few things.

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