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Monday, January 14, 2013

Nature Studies - Herbs - Aloe Vera

For our nature studies this year, I've settled on studying one herb per week so we can get to know or review some natural healthcare. One of my desires this year is to work at taking better care of our bodies so that we can better present ourselves as living sacrifices for the Lord's use. So, not only does that include eating more whole, natural foods, but it also includes using the plants that God gave us as remedies for a variety of ailments.

Last Monday we studied aloe vera.

Some of us did our art by drawing the plant which sits in our kitchen window and some of us imitated the art on the herb calendar available from Learning Herbs.

Next on the list is alfalfa. (It wasn't till we'd already started on aloe vera that I decided we should include the "Father of all Foods" - alfalfa. Fortunately, we had left some blank pages in our nature notebooks, so we can still do things alphabetically.)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information on Aloe Vera over at WholeHearted Home this week.


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