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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Finished Wedding Quilt and One Finished "Flimsy"

Since this was a surprise quilt, I finally get to show it now that I have given it to my son and his wife.

They got engaged at this lighthouse on a stormy, exciting night, which makes for a great beginning to the story of their life together. I love how Kathy quilted blocks onto the walkway/pier and clouds into the stormy sky. The borders' quilting is wavy/stormy looking, too.

The bride and groom liked it, so that's what really counts. Oh, and it was a fun challenge to me to make it, filled with love. I think it's the best quilt I've made so far, thought the one on my own bed runs a close second.

I bought an applique pattern for a 12.5" block and enlarged the pieces to three times the original size for the center medallion.

Today we had a lighter day of homeschooling since we'd been up late going to a performance of Macbeth, so I finished sewing a Scrappy Stars quilt for a wedding gift for a young man in our church. It had been inspired and started by Terry's quilt along last year.

I'm eager to get it to Kathy to be quilted. I wonder what we'll decide to do with those big blank blocks.

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  1. I love that lighthouse quilt! And your star quilt looks great! I really like how it looks with the plain squares for the alternate blocks! :0)


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