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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Idaho Road Trip - Friday 3-15

Most of the hotels at which we've been staying have had pretty nice breakfast buffets, which we've enjoyed so I thought I show you a picture of one. Nothing like this was available when I was a kid, and especially weren't available when Laura Ingalls Wilder was.

Our history sightseeing for Friday was just a short walk from our hotel. We got to see a sod house up close even though the museum beside it was closed. Actually, the soddy was closed, too, but we could see how it was made and peek through the windows at what was inside. It had a woodstove smaller than ours and a rope bed as well as a few chairs. I don't remember seeing a table, but that might have been out of my range of view.

I think I could build one of these from the chunks of weeds we dig up from our garden. Not sure how they kept the walls from tilting while they were building, though.
The requisite outhouse photo

Just in front of the soddy was a sculpture made of barbed wire. We guessed that the barbed wire served a twofold purpose. One was to keep kids from climbing on it (and it worked) and the second was to memorialize (and recycle) the miles of barbed wire fencing used on the prairie farms.

Then we went on into town more to see a pony express station since Gothenburg is the Pony Express Capital of Nebraska.

Again, it was closed, but we got to walk around it and peek in the windows at the desk and the tourist trap sales counter. They do have quite a Pony Express festival here in the summer.

Then it was back in the car for a long haul through Nebraska and into Iowa. We were entertained for a long while by the music on my Kindle, complete with seated dancing.
I believe we were having our black boots on with Click Five at this point.

The collection of yarn dolls grew.

More music and seat dancing ensued.
I think we were having a party in the USA by this time.

Maybe we were snapping to it with First Call by now.
Then we watched a few episodes of Bonanza, since we'd been out west.
Ever since Chicago we've been wanting to go to an IHOP, but couldn't justify spending the money on breakfast since the hotels provided breakfast. Well, this evening Phil decided we should have breakfast for supper and we got to enjoy an IHOP.

Faith enjoyed getting to decorate her pancake with yogurt.
Another fun day!

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